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Most popular online casino games

March 3, 2020

Since the advent of the Internet, online casino games have come a long way. The user can now choose almost any game to their own taste. The big advantage of playing online is that it can be free. In addition, it is very often held a variety of lucrative promotions, give players gifts and casino welcome bonus. And inaccessible for certain reasons, games in standard gambling establishments, the Internet version is always available. But what are the most popular online casino gambling today enjoy the most attention?


This game comes in two varieties. In its usual so-called European version of the cells are divided only in half. That is, seventeen black and red sections, and a cell of zero. The American version of roulette differs in that it already has two zero cells. All the field of the game, where the betting participants, divided near the roulette on a special table. Bets can only be eleven. All of them are divided into different types, each of which is slightly more sophisticated than the other. Starting with the simplest “black or red” bet and ending with what not everyone will decide. It’s a bet only on a certain number. If a player guesses it, the winnings will exceed his bet by a factor of thirty-five and plus the amount directly betting. If a zero falls, all the money will go to the casino in any case. The simplest winnings will be paid only one to one.


If we talk about casino gambling on the Internet with the greatest popularity, then, of course, we can not but call the great poker. Often this card game is called a real sport, because the probability of winning money here depends not just on luck and chance, but also on certain skills and intelligence of the player. Two or more people can play this game. There are different types of poker. Therefore, there are different phases of the game. It is mandatory for players to place a bet to continue playing at the beginning of each new phase.

New cards are dealt at each phase. After receiving them, the participants decide whether to make the next bet or to withdraw from the game. Who becomes the winner? Usually it is the participant who will gain the best combination of cards. But you can also win in poker with the help of the so-called bluff. What does it take to do that? A player with a bad combination makes bets like nothing else. With his type and behavior he needs to convince all the cartelers that he has good cards. In this kind of situation, the participants in the entertainment, afraid of losing their winnings, just stop playing.

Slot machines

What is the main specificity of modern slot machines? The game is played on them without any participation of representatives of the Internet. Once upon a time such machines were exclusively mechanical. But all of them are now computerized. The playing field here is a separate screen, which displays the result of a special random number generator. How to play? You have to rotate the drum. If identical symbols are collected in a line, the player wins. In this case, here you can easily take the winnings, which will be significantly higher than the bet.


The real king of online casinos in card games is blackjack. This game will require not only luck, but also outstanding mathematical skills, certain skills and knowledge of important strategies. All this can significantly increase your chances of winning in this exciting and very popular game. Blackjack was invented in the seventeenth century in Europe, but its greatest popularity was in the USA. Nowadays this entertainment has many different versions, which you can play at