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How find casino with best bonus?

October 7, 2020

In 2020, more than 1000 casinos opened that offer players from all over the world, including Australia and Canada, first deposit bonuses. But have you ever wondered what it entails to take a first deposit bonus? Let’s break it down point by point.

  1. We open a browser and look for top 10 casinosĀ 
  2. Basically, most sites on the Internet have the same casinos, in 80% of cases.
  3. We open the bonus policy of any casino, let and read that the first deposit bonus is additional funds for playing in a casino with x50 wager.

Wager is the minimum amount that a player needs to wager in order for him to be able to withdraw money to his card. Example – you make a deposit of $ 100 and get $ 200 to your account. But to make a cashout you need to wager $ 5000. You can always cancel the bonus, but in case of cancellation, all that you won will be nullified and your balance will remain $ 100

Now let’s look at this situation from the other side, you won at the beginning of the game, your balance is already 1000 $. You understand that you do not want to play, BUT, this is where the whole secret lies. Until you win back the $ 5,000 you cannot claim the $ 1,000 you won. The chance that your balance will remain within 1000 $ after wagering you understand is not 100%.

Let’s sum it up

Online casino bonuses are only suitable for new players who want to try their hand at a new casino. But if you are an experienced player, we do not recommend that you take a first deposit bonus no matter how attractive it would be.