Bingo a socializing game

February 2, 2018

The bingo game in its traditional form is very popular since long. It is considered not only as a entertainment game but also a place to meet with all the friends and relatives. Today there are around 60 million bingo players in the world who are crazy about the game.


Another surprising feature of the bingo players is that female players dominate the scenario. About 60% of the bingo players are female. The average bingo players will maintain a schedule of playing the game so that they can meet their friends at the appropriate days and times. Actually bingo becomes a part and parcel of their life determining their way of life. Here they get to know many new friends. Some even prefer to keep their own seats which they consider as their lucky seat. But traditional halls where the games of bingo are played are often very foggy. The players have to struggle to get to the halls of bingo games. But some also are unable to reach the bingo halls due to many difficulties such as requiring to stay at home or difficulties in reaching the destinations etc.

The online bingó has come as a boon for these unhappy persons for whom the bingo game had been a distant dream. But as soon as this new form of bingo came into existence the diehard fans of the traditional bingo game became very frustrated. This reason for their frustration is many of their partners and friends are getting shifted to the online bingó. Now they cannot meet them at the halls. They consider this as a blow to their effort to socialize with their friends and relatives. They claim that this new mode will make people self centered and machine like. They will never come out of their home and in the process lose all their connections with the society. This will also deteriorate their condition of health and mind.

But the advocates of online bingó claim that this mode of the bingo game has a great socializing effect staying right at home. They have come out with a number of advantages of the new mode of online games.